Health and Safety

1.    BBP Security Services & Training Limited, is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all its employees, workers, candidates and any other people who may be affected by its activities.  

2.    This statement applies to all premises and activities within the control of BBP Security Services & Training Limited.

3.    BBP Security Services & Training Limited has the following key objectives:

  • as a minimum, to comply with requirements of relevant legislation;
  •  to identify hazards (the potential for harm), assess risks (the likelihood of that harm being realised) and manage those risks;
  • to ensure that candidates and others are adequately informed of the identified risks and where appropriate receive instruction, training and supervision;
  • •    to make arrangements for co-ordination and co-operation with others where:
  • •    BBP Security Services & Training Limited employees or candidates share premises, facilities or activities with persons working in other organisations;
  • persons from other organisations are working in BBP Security Services & Training controlled activities;
  • to safeguard the environment from the effects of BBP Security Services & Training Limited activities;
  • to monitor and review the effectiveness of the arrangements and where appropriate to implement improvements.
  •  to ensure that the demands of activities do not exceed the capabilities of staff or candidates to carry out the work without risk to themselves or others.

4.    Whilst the BBP Security Services & Training Limited accepts the main responsibility for implementation of this policy individuals have an important role in co-operating with those responsible to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.

5.    Individuals are required to abide by rules and requirements made under the authority of this policy.

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